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EA and Adida’s new collaboration has not been a major hit with the fanbase, but SBC tasks and new cards are being added to the game ahead of the next big promo at the end of November.

Adidas Predator is the latest Numbers Up single-task SBC in FIFA 22, and this one resembles the same of one of the most iconic football boots ever made by sportswear giants, Adidas.


1 SBC to be completed.
The deadline is set for 19 November 18


Min number of nationality in pink: 3
Max 3 players of the same Championship
Min. 2 players of the same Club
Min. 5 players: Rare
Minimum team rating: 80
Minimum team understanding: 90
Number of players in the squad: 11

The Adidas Predator SBC seems to be a tad higher on the costing side as it will cost a FIFA 22 player about 8000 coins to complete it from scratch. The actual cost will vary based on the amount of existing fodder that the player will use.

The Numbers Up promo features special player items of footballers who will get gradual boosts in Pace, or Dribbling or passing upon which, that department will rise to a stunning 99 rating. This boost will happen throughout the game, and FIFA 22 players must not think that this boost is an instant one.

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