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In my point view, the SONA of PNoy is that the one hour speech should focus on the solutions that his administration will be presenting to his “boss”, the Filipino community. Whether it is in short term or long term plans, it must answer the current economic status of the Philippines, raising those from the poverty by giving proper jobs, helping local industry, promoting agrarian reform and easy access to housing projects.

P.Noy has to look at the big picture and not just Gloria Arroyo’s picture to delete vengeance from his agenda. So many times before P.Noy has been quoted criticizing former president Gloria Arroyo for overspending, something he claims resulted in a P340 billion budget deficit. It should be stressed here that the huge spending done by the former administration was not all for travels and huge dinners. As Senator Edgar Angara said, expensive dinners and too many travel entourages notwithstanding, if former president Arroyo did not pump-prime the economy, it would have contracted like other European nations did.
The 2011 speech of Noynoy Aquino, is the same old format, as any of his other speeches: blaming people for the ills of the nation. He just cannot accept responsibility. All his mistakes, are caused by other people, living or dead. We’re not his mother, his family and himself a part of these corruption of our political process? In the Aquino Era: (1) The Oligarchs have controlled the economy of the nation. His partners cornered the government contracts. (2) Feudalism is encouraged. Just see, how he and his mother protected their Hacienda Luisita ownership. Killing even, farmer-demonstrators. Up to now, the killings are not investigated and resolved. (3) Business Monopoly of friends, relatives and family members. They have grown extremely fat, at the expense of the Filipino people. (4) They used the Lopez Media Network, to dessiminate misinformations to the public…Encouraging a culture of Wowoowee Mentality on people. People become gullible on these programs. He simply has no vision.

How could self-rated hunger go down when prices of basic commodities have gone up when he became president with him not doing anything about it. These mumbo-jumbo surveys by SWS and the other survey agencies are at it again, fooling the Filipino people.
The Aquino administration must also focus in promoting universal education especially to those impoverish community. Making education for everyone no matter what is their social status. In this way education in the long run will help as slowly diminish illiteracy and poverty by helping each Filipino how to read, write and count which is very essential in getting good and efficient jobs that soon will help them in supporting their family.
Strengthening Human Rights Policy in the country – we saw how rampant human rights violation here in our country. Extrajudicial killings, missing personalities who fought for rights and transparency in the government, massacre of journalists and so many more, but until now justice has not yet served to their families and most of the culprits are enjoying their lives even behind bars.
How can a president of the nation deliver his message with out even bothering to validate the truthfulness of his data. As a common Filipino citizen it is very shameful to other country that we have an intelligent president delivers his speech with a wrong data. Wake up stop blaming other people (crab mentality) just do your job if not resigned because I think the Vice President is competent enough to take over your position.
Aside from this, the government should also tackle concerns, like the long overdue Reproductive Health Bill, Spratly, Foreign Policy and Relation, and Overseas Filipino Workers. But the most important is the transparency and credibility of his government and his cabinet members who are so weak and already facing anomalies. Aquino in his first year should be pictured as a tough president and should stand for the country and not for his KKK (Kaibigan, Kaklase and Kabarilan – Friends, Classmates and Shooting Mates) who is pulling him down and most of them are working in his administration.
did not touch more on the political side even on technicalities of Aquino’s administration, I just wanted to share some few points of what I think is better to discuss on his SONA rather than criticizing the past administration and his opponents. He should focus more on his “matuwid na landas” campaign which he promise during the 2010 election from there he will gain support, cleaning his cabinet, focusing on the real problem and giving efficient solutions that is needed on this years SONA.


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Nainis lang ako sa kanya he do not have a definite Vission..

No Accomplishment report to show to his Boss (Filipino Community)

Pure blaming others for his palpak administration..

Imagine (according to Secret Source) 4times lng nakipagmeeting sa mga cabinet members nya for 1year...grabe..

If you are the manager of a private company weekly yan my meeting...ngrrrrrrrrrrrr kainis talag..har harhar...


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hindi ako nanood nyan at hindi ko balak pang alamin kung tungkol saan ang sona nya . . .

gusto kong makita kung ano at nasaan ang pagbabago . . .

hindi yung puro salita . . .

It is not the color or the rubber that makes a balloon fly. But whats inside it . .. . .<br />just like people.....

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