New Programs under Criminal Justice Education: Its Impact to Criminology

7 years 3 months ago #8216 by Lapina Melcon
New Programs under Criminal Justice Education: Its Impact to Criminology

We have seen a slit of light (or would it be more appropriate to say darkness) with our glimpse of Bachelor of Forensic Science. During the "so-called" CHED consultation held in selected places in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, majority of us who attended noted, to say the least, that the proposed program is nothing more than a recap and a duplicity of criminology curriculum. Another noteworthy observation is the one given by Mr. Effrenddy Estipona, Chairman of Criminology Department of Western Mindanao State University, that under Article VII Sec. 12 par. 1, criminologists cannot head the Forensic Science Department when the proposal mentioned erstwhile that criminology is one among the allied programs.

Another majority – those who opted in silence during the consultation, those who just read the proposal through the Net, and those who simply heard comments from other criminologists – considers the proposal as a welcome development. The welcoming could be one of acquiescence – having been persuaded of the necessity for the offering of the program, and another of cynicism – suspicious of CHED’s consultation as information dissemination in a cloak and that nothing whatsoever will change the Technical Panel’s mind however worthy a suggestion may be.

Our reactions to this development, if indeed it can be called a development at all, whatever visages they take, are very legitimate. Yet, this is just one impact of the meteorite that hit us. Soon, more rocks from outer space will strike on us and threaten to annihilate our profession. What countenance would we make when other programs will surface? This is not a wild thinking drawn from paranoiac hallucination. This is well substantiated by one member of the panel whose name I will not mention for absence of permission to quote his words. He said:

“Criminology as we know it in the Philippines will become IRRELEVANT. Yes, I have seen all the other curriculum in other Programs, and whatever we have in Criminology, in the area of LEA, CDI, CRIMINALISTICS, INDUSTRIAL SECURITY MANAGEMENT, are in the curriculum of this new Programs….Since the emergence of these new Programs obviously our market which is law enforcement will eventually find its way looking for majority graduates of LEA and perhaps only some graduates of Criminology to join the PNP and other Law Enforcement Agencies.”

Now, is this just a case of “reaction to change” as one organic member of CHED who happens to be a criminologist himself put it during the Mindanao CHED Consultation in Cagayan de Oro on October 20, 2011? I beg to disagree. Our feedbacks are as genuine as the cry for help of animals on the brink of extinction.

While we are seemingly helpless in the face of this blow to our profession, there is still a ray of hope left for us. And that is by way of paradigm shift – from a generalist into a well-focused profession. This is simply going back to what criminology is all about and what criminologists do – researching crime and its interlinked effects for the consumption of policy makers and criminal justice agencies. As a first step towards this end, I would like to quote again the words of that worthy member of CHED Technical Panel: “if we will not change the curriculum of Criminology to make it attuned to the true and natural area of study in criminology…” Yes, the first step is the revision of criminology curriculum itself. Meantime, as criminologists under the current curriculum, we must update ourselves to the not-so explored and real area of criminology, that is, criminological research.

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7 years 3 months ago #8217 by ezor
Glad to here that, I been waiting for that news!!

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